Foreigners in Indian Retail

Attrition, Arrogance, Rising Wages, Poor Skills by Indian Graduates is forcing Directors in the boardrooms to look at East Asia to source manpower for their Retail Dreams.

In case of lifestyle retailing, the store has to establish a relationship with the consumer. If there is 30%+ attrition how is this going to happen ? Just in Vogue, the premium lifestyle retailer is the first one to have made an attempt on this front. Mr. Subu of Just in Vogue has hired Filipinos and other East Asians working in the Middle East and is making them work for their retail ventures. They are doing this on a pilot basis.

There are around 20,000 expat Indians working the retail sector in India, mostly at higher levels. Now they want foreigners and expats at sales associate level to give true shopping experience for the Indian consumer.

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