Railways plans Agri-retail Outlets

The Retail bug which bit India Post has now bitten the most backward and corrupt leader in India, Lalu Yadav heading the Indian Railways. It was Kishore Biyani who made the Government realize on the big properties they are sitting by establishing Big Bazaar’s @ Bus Terminus in Mumbai and the retail city of India, Bangalore.

Indian Railways wants private retailers to setup agri-retail outlets in surplus Railway land and key locations. The Agri-retail is a win-win for all the three- Retailers, Indian Railways and the Poor Indian Farmer. Indian Railways will get logistics traffic; retailers get a concession to use Indian Railways; Farmer makes sure his produce is sold and not wasted due to operating efficiency of private partners in the deal.

India produces 13% of the world’s vegetable;s and 10% of fruits. 25% of this produce is wasted due to lack of infrastructure. Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd is handling the tender process for this.

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