Garment Brands head to Foreign Turf

When Indian companies can cater to the needs of foreign brands, why not go and market own brands is the question many young executives asked at the boardroom. They were given the green signal and hence 4 brands are all set to operate/operating on foreign turf.

Arvind Brands’ Arrow is already present in West Asia and Africa, Excalibur is present in West Asia and will now be taken to Africa. They also plan to launch their oldest and premium denim brand Flying Machine in the United States and Europe.

Another denim brand SPYKAR is now moving towards becoming casual wear lifestyle brand in London where it will open 3 stores. It already has presence in Melbourne, Australia.

Aditya Birla company, madura garments is planning to open exclusive stores in East Africa, West Asia, South Asia and South East Asia. The company is looking for local partners in those countries. They plan to promote Louis Phillipe and Peter England brands.

Royal Classic owner of ClassicPolo and Swiss Club brands is planning to foray into Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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