Reliance Footprint – Multibrand Footwear Format

Reliance Retail which recently launched Reliance Jewels has now ventured into footwear with th launch of Reliance Footrprint stores in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

The 10,000 sft stores are spread across three floors that houses the men’s, the women’s and the kid’s in separate floors. The size of this market is Rs 15,000 crore and 40% of it is already in organized retailing.

Mr. G.Shankar, CEO of Reliance Footprint said,

Footprint has a 20:80 ratio of private label footwear to other domestic and international brands. The company has created footwear private labels such as Viviana, Tosca, Mancini and Monza for occasions ranging from casual, formal to party and sports.

The company sources 90% of private labels from manufacturing units in Chennai and Agra.. Apart from those, it also stocked Reebok,Adidas and Hush Puppies.

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