US Pizza wants more Indians to have Pizza

US Pizza, Bangalore/Bengalooru based company is planning a rapid expansion to help Indians develop the taste of Pizza.
Expansion will begin in the Southern and Western regions where it will increase its existing outlets from 60 to 100 by Mach-08.

The company is opening flagship outlets in all state capitals and Tier-I cities across India. These outlets will offer variety of Salads, Pizzas, Pastas and Soups. They will also offer 360-degree entertainment than being mere restaurants. It is a status symbol in most urban areas to host kids birthday and other celebrations at fast food joints, especially Pizza and Burger chains. Some centers are likely to have a dedicated DJ.

Worldwide Pizza is a fat food apart from being fast food, US Pizza is investing in R&D to make its menu healthier so that its customers can always come back for more.

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