Which way DLF will bite – Wendys or Burger King ?

Owning prime properties across multiple cities in India ? Opportunities come knocking to your doorstep. Retailer are standing in queue outside DLF’s K.P.Singh’s office offering him retail opportunities.

DLF has had talks with Burger King and Wendy’s quick service restaurants. Both the burger chains are serious about getting a share in the Indian market. Burger King has approximately 11,000 outlets of which 90% are owned and operated on franchisee model. So also Wendy’s has 6,000 restaurants worldwide operating on the same model. Burger King is hungry for growth in emerging markets and wants to cut a deal ASAP.

Insiders are saying that DLF may end up being the master franchisee for Burger King in India. DLF is at a great advantage due to the prime commercial properties it owns as well as its deep pockets for investment. Most Quick Service Restaurants have put off their Indian plans due to the 30-35% of their top line towards real estate. However, McDonalds which entered India years ago is doing well and may lose some customers to BK when the latter starts operations in the Indian market.

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