Carrefour – Flip Flop on Retail Venture

A year after Carrefour failed in its talks with Sunil Bharti Mittal is still undecided about its venture in India. This will be the last coverage by OmRetail on Careefour until it really strikes a deal because of flip flop and weak decision makers on the Carrefour management in India.

As of today, they are planning to have multiple partners. One of the main reasons why they are unable to find anybody is they want to go slow which has irked the Indian counterparts. Insider sources revealed that they want to go solo when 100% FDI in retail is opened up. Short renewable contracts of 2-3 years was another reason for lack of interest by Indian partner.

Carrefour has talked with Delhi based Realty majors, Parsvnath Developers and DLF apart from Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group and Nusli Wadias.

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