Health + Beauty Vertical sees more Investment

With flush of disposable income in smart and hard working Indian Lady’s purse, Health and Beauty vertical of the retail is getting organized itself as a separate store.

2007 saw Dabur and Reliance retail entering the segment with new-u and Reliance Wellness stores going live. MNC companies like M.A.C and Body Shop have also setup shop to cater to the demand in this vertical. Hong Kong based Health & Glow was the first MNC established exclusively in this space. Health & Glow already operates 58 stores and plans to open another 40 stores this year. The company plans to consolidate its position in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad market and then make in-roads into Tier-II cities.

Most companies said that these H&B stores are not just for Women but also for Male, whose grooming growing at a scorching pace.

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