Cottons by Century + Welspun Roadmap

Century Textiles Ltd is revamping its retail face – Cottons by Century. The company will also launch 3 brands – D’nims [read Denims], Centurian and UVA for the Indian youth.

  • D’nims – will be a range of denim wear falling into the premium category
  • Centurian – Trousers range made from Poly-Cotton and Poly-Viscose fibers
  • UVA – casual wear brand

The company already has 41 Exclusive outlets and will add another 30. It is also planning to offer stores by franchisee route.

In another development, Goenka’s promoted Welspun is planning to hive off Welspun Retail into a separate company. The company has two retail formats, WelHome and Spaces. The former is into value for money products and the latter is into high end furnishing. The company is on a rapid expansion plan to have 370 stores by 2010 and is also inviting franchisees .

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