Reliance Inviting Franchisees for Expansion

Breaking NewsWitnessing the success of global brands such as Adida, Nike, McDonalds operating on Franchisee modelMukesh Ambani managed Reliance Retail is also inviting franchisees to run various retail formats except Reliance Fresh and Reliance Hypermarkets. Yes!!! You are reading it right, the company is facing extremely high real estate costs which delays its plans and hence wants you to be their partners in retail growth 🙂

Mr. Bijou Kurien, CEO, Reliance Lifestyle said,

We would capitalise on the traditional retailers’ capabilities. The difficulty in locating land negotiating a good deal and then the time taken to conclude a deal are significant challenge.

However, we think that Reliance has significant managing capability, be it Real Estate or Supply chain and this move could just be under pressure from several politicians and bureaucrats where they faced stiff opposition. [As the saying goes, Live and Let Live, thus Reliance could have taken this strategy]

Mr. Kurien further added,

We will be able to co-opt traditional retailers instead of competingwith them. We would help neighborhood grocery stores by letting them purchase from our wholesale stores thereby reducing their cost of purchase, which comes as a result of super efficient supply chain.

Reliance Retail operates in the following formats,

If you have read what each of these stores is all about, and if you deem yourself fit and have the zeal to operate, send in your retail proposal.

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