Kamla Retail – Chain of Travel Agents

Chandigarh based K.D.L has informed us about the beginning of Kamla Retail – Retail chain of Travel Agents across India. Kamla Retail will take on Travel Tours in the click – brick retail model for travel.

Mr. Yash Saboo, Chairman said,

Travel retail is a sector primarily dominated by international players. We will be making a bid at all major airports in the domestic arena to expand our footprint. The sector is still in infancy stage mainly on account of poor infrastructure. However, with the introduction of the new internationally designed and managed airports, travel retail is set to boom.

The company currently owns 14 stores across India and plans to scale the number to 60 by the end of this year. They plan to invest Rs 100 crore for the said expansion.

K.D.L also manages a duty-free shop through its luxury brand of watches Ethos at the Bengaluru International Airport. Indian consumers spend $440 at duty-free shops, which compares to $590 at non-duty free shops at travel destinations, points a survey. [We really think this survey is skewed and is probably talking of First Class and Club Class fliers]

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