Catalogue for customer convenience

Catalogue retailing is slowly catching up in India. Infiniti’s Croma was the first one to test it out during last festival season in Pune and Mumbai. Mr. Ajit Joshi of Croma Electronics said,

Catalogs are add-on-media and we think it works best within a particular catchment or city. Catalogues enable one to exactly zero in on the desired item to look before purchasing it.

For example, lets say someone is considering buying a Refrigerator. It normally takes a customer 30-45 minutes to look into and decide. However, with catalogues already sent to the customer, the customer zeroes in on two/three models and will complete his transaction within 15 minutes.

Catalogues help in advertising new product range on offer and services like extended warranty and other in-store promotions. Also for any retailer that has a large loyal customer base, mailing these catalogs is very effective marketing tool.

However, what we fail to understand is retailers don’t embrace the power of Internet. They have poorly designed websites or some don’t even bother to have them [Reliance Retail]. Any affluent shopper will definitely have access to the Internet and retailers should embrace the new media.

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