Future Bazaar + Future Media: New Kids of Pantaloon

Future Bazaar is PRIL’s internet-based retailing company. The company is expected to have clocked revenues of around Rs200 mn in February and March 2008 itself. The company is also combining the online portal with catalogue retailing through kiosks located in malls and shopping centres. The company has also launched a small 300 sq ft store branded as Big Bazaar Unlimited in Dombivali where consumers canbrowse catalogues as well as place orders on the internet with Future Bazaar. The pilot store already contributes to around 10% of Future Bazaar’s revenues. PRIL has already received private equity funding for Future Bazaar.

Future Media is going slow on LCD TV roll out as it believes that rentals demanded by retailing and real estate companies are likely to make the business unviable. However, it is hopeful that rentals will slide as sanity will prevail in the market. The company is expanding its business by managing ads in movie halls and advertising in malls. Future Media is expected to clock around Rs350 mn in revenues in F2008, with around 75% of its revenues likely to be generated from the space rented by PRIL. Future Media does not generate any revenues from PRIL.

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