US Pizaa localizing fast food

US Pizza under rapid $125 mn expansion spree has announced that it will now localize its offering and is launching two more brands to cater to the fast food lovers.

The company has announced the launch of ToastyZ sandwich brand and will open its first outlet 3 weeks from now in Hyderabad. These outlets would take the form of small cafes that serve coffee, tea, drinks and sandwiches made of multi grain bread and baguettes.

The other yet unnamed brand will get off the ground in late Q2 will be a localized Indian fast food.

Mr. Akbar Khwaja, MD of US Pizza said,

In India fast food is fragmented. It could be a “Vada Pao” in one region, a “Kathi” roll in another. Our fast food can be packed, edible on the go, non messy and in the Indian context could mean “Samosa”, “Kachodi”, “Stuffed Parota” or “Vada Pao”.

Jumbo King is the only food retail chain that is currently offering localized fast food.The company hopes to run 1,000 outlets in the next 3 years. 45% of them will be takeaway and express counters while 20-25% is likely to be dine-in formats.

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