Nilgiris entry into Andhra Pradesh Covers entire South India

Nilgiris a century old South based company with specialization in dairy, bakery and retail areas is all set to enter Andhra pradesh by the end of Sept-08.

Nilgiris currently operate 100 stores across Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kochi. It plans to open 10 stores in Hyderabad and have set an ambitious target of 400 stores by 2010.

Mr. Prabhu, Director of Niligir Dairy Farms said,

We want to be sizable player in a certain market rather than spreading ourselves across India. We see our future growth coming from convenience model and expanding our portfolio of private labels.

Nilgiris is settin up a hi-tech distribution center one each in Bangalore and Chennai. PE firm Actis has pumped in Rs 300 crore into Nilgiris so far. If you are on Brigade Road in Bangalore, then don’t forget to visit Nilgiris for some quick and real mouth watering pastries. This store hold record for churning out the best and biggest X’Mas cakes.

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