Metro Cash & Carry Kolkata – To Rock

Though the West Bengal Govt had to let the Nano project slip out of Singur, there is certainly good news for small businesses and HNIs in Kolkata. Metro Cash & Carry, which received APMC license from the Govt has already signed up a whopping 65,000 clients which inclued 5-star hotels such as ITC Sonar, Taj Bengal etc.

Metro Cash & Carry tried hard to open for business for Diwali, but missed the deadline and have set an internal launch date of Dec-4th to open its 100,000 Hypermarket format store. Metro’s target customers are Hotels, Restaurants, Kiranwala and ofcourse small traders who will get a deal to enhance their retail business.

The company is said to be employing almost 350 people. This store has also received liquor license and has also applied for a Drug license which will enable it to sell over the counter medicines and oral healthcare products.

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