Imported Bulk Lingerie + Sportswear Sale

A reader of our blog who is dealing into Imported Lingerie from the UK is offering bulk sales lot to be sold in India. The vendor retails under X-brand and only he will be able to explain the details of the same.

Offer for Sale:
Lingerie My Size Playtex. You can download the sample design catalog here.[PDF] The price list for the same is here. [PDF]

The same vendor is also offering Shock ActiveWear like – High Neck Jacket, Wobble Short,V-Neck Top, 3/4 Tights, Yoga Pant, Wobble Hot Pants, Running Tight, Crossback Bra Top, Secret Support Singlet etc. There is no design catalog for the same but Price List is available here. [PDF]

Bulk purchases maybe eligible for further discounts. Trade and Purchase inquiry can be sent to us here.

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