Dabur Halts Expansion + Expects Rentals to Fall Further

Dabur India has decided to freeze all of its retail expansion for the time being to capitalize on falling Commercial Real Estate. The company has halted its move to open 12 to 15 stores by the end of FY09 [March-09]

Dabur official said,

The real estate crash is a golden opportunity for retail businesses like ours’ which are based on lease / rentals. We are holding our expansion plans for the moment as we believe rentals would be going down further.

Dabur recently acquired Fem personal care brand in India through which it will get direct access to around 25,000 top of the line parlors in India to push its retail products.

Recently, Future Group’s Kishore Biyani has pouched Dabur’s New U retail CEO, Mr. Peter Baker and is joining Future Group’s Health and Wellness segment.

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