Discounts + Happy Shopping Hours

If you thought Circuit City is the only retailer offering heavy discounts as a part of its bankruptcy sale, then you are so wrong. Retailers in India have started offering Happy Shopping Hours – just like in Pubs to attract more footfalls and clear their inventory.

Kidswear brand Lilliput is offering 40% discount of the total bill after you cross some threshold. This scheme has attracted 20-25% additional customers according to company sources.

United Colors of Benetton ran happy shopping hours between 8AM-12Noon over the weekends where you got flat 50% discount on all the casual wear you bought.

PVR cinemas joined the bandwagon and started offering FREE snacks to all Sr. citizens until Feb-1 [they should have offered the same to kids, in our opinion]

Discounts and Freebies is not all about economic slowdown, but also about competition and attract more customers to big brands.

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