Cookie Man to Expand to 250 Outlets

Just about when every retail chain in India is re-planning and working their strategies, there is one which is bullish on the prospects of selling its fresh baked sweet cookies – Cookie Man.

Cookie Man with presence of 49 outlets wants to take the count to 250 by 2014. The company has presence in 8 Indian Airports and as others gets modernized, Cookie Man wants to establish its presence there and has zeroed upon 28 Airports.

Cookie Man is not going to Tier-II and Tier-III cities as Mall development in some of these cities have hit and it rally wants to be present in Mall, not quiet sure what’s wrong with high street areas ? It has been able to successfully Franchise some of its outlets and this model should work well at least in Tier-II cities.

Cookie Man has also tied up with Kingfisher and Jet Airways. It is now in advanced stages of rolling out corporate gifting program.

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