Gili Lifestyle Brands – Jewellery to Perfumes

Gili, the well known Diamond jewellery retailer is planning to expand its portfolio to include eyewear, perfumes ans scarves under the Gili Lifestyle brand.

Gili which currently retails using its 20 exclusive outlets and 175 departmental stores has been able to establish a niche name in the segment. The company initially targeted smart and hardworking Indian women and teenagers with average selling price of Rs 15000. Buoyed by encouraging results, the company kept on adding value and designs and currently the average unit price is as high as INR 50000.

Gili is also planning to launch 22K plain gold jewellery under the Gili Gold brand. The company’s share of high value jewellery is 50%. The ultimate goal of the company is to create a high segment brand and also a lifestyle brand yet affordable to teenagers and other Indian consumers.

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