Can EMIs Boost Premium Brand Appareal Sales ?

In an interview yesterday, Levis Strauss Indian Marketing Head, Sukhramani said that,
Consumers today want more, better and more frequently. In what may well become a game changer in the organised retail industry for premium branded apparel, the new EMI scheme announced by Levi’s allows consumers to get into their favourite Levi’s whenever they please, as often as they please, as much as they please, at no additional cost, and from anywhere in the Levi’s brand’s wide network of exclusive stores. This enables many more young adults across the country access to the Levi’s brand.

We disagree with Sukhramani as he should know that Banks and FIs are rapidly cutting on consumer credit avaibality in the form of Credit Cards due to High delinquency ratio. Infact, the industry will witness a negative growth this FY. So does Mr. Sukhramani want similar kind of trouble when consumer default or does he want to get into the recovery business ?

However, the demand foe Levis and other premium brands will be directly linked to the inclusive growth and Indian macro-economic story 🙂

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