Types of Restaurant Chains Operating in India

We’d like to enlighten today the different types and categories of restaurant chains operating in India and the market they are targeting.

Fine Dining Restaurants – Characterised by full service with a specific dedicated meal course, decor features high quality material and highly trained staff in formal attire. Olive is a perfect example for this kind.

Casual Dining Restaurants – Characterized by moderately priced food in a causal atmosphere with table service (except in buffet-style restaurants) and sometimes a full bar with separate bar staff. Caters to the market segment between fine dining and quick-service restaurants. If you are in the Delhi NCR, you’d have visited Geoffrey’s which best represents this.

Bars and Lounges – Characterized by a focus on beverages, particularly alcoholic beverages. The higher end bars with premium pricing are referred to as lounges. F Bar & Lounges, Elevate, Steel, Mocha, Den, Hard Rock Cafe, Sports Bar and TGIF.

Quick Service Restaurants – Characterised by minimal table service. Some restaurants also feature takeaway and home delivery formats. McDonald’s, KFC, Nirula’s, Domino’s Bikanerwala, Agarwal Sweets and Pizza Hut

Food Courts – Typically a collection of multiple quick service restaurants with a common seating area: A relatively new format, popularized by shopping malls. Typically present in shared spaces including malls, airports, hospitals and office complexes.

Cafes – Comprises modern format beverage retailing chains including coffee bars, parlors and tea bars. Barista Lavazza and Cafe Coffee Day are examples that belong to this category.

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