Dominos Pizza – India’s largest, fastest growing MNC Food Company – New Brand + Menu

Dominos Pizza owned by Jubilant Foodworks is India’s largest and fastest growing multinational Food Service Company. Domino’s Pizza has established presence in 112 cities with 515 stores and expanded its reach to new cities such as Vijayawada and Bharuch together with expansion of store footprint in existing cities.

In the latest Quarter, the company launched Spicy Twistyz Pizza breadsticks filled with a cheese blend and exotic Mexican seasoning and Potato Smackers Hot potato wedges seasoned with red paprika and parsley offered in combination with Cheesy Jalapeno dip. Both these products serve to diversify Dine-In offerings and enhance Domino’s appeal to existing as well as new customers.

Launch of Taco Indiana – New Mexican side order with a crispy outside and Spicy Veg/ minced chicken stuffing over a cheesy layer inside

Ordering Dominios Pizzas on Mobile Apps
The company has aligned itself to the growing aspirations of the Young and Modern India by opening the Mobile App Channel for Ordering Pizzas. Aligned to JFL’s efforts to modernize customer experience, all mobile platforms(Android, Apple, J2ME & Blackberry) launched are gaining popularity amongst consumers. 1.4 lac downloads of Domino’s Mobile Ordering Application. Mobile Ordering sale contribution to OLO continues to gain healthy traction and touched an all time high at 10.04% in September 2012.

Dominos Pizza New Brand Identity – Yeh hai rishton ka time
Domino’s Pizza endeavors to deepen its association with consumers through its new brand positioning that focuses on relationships and bonding while the core essence of the brand remains same – “Promise of shared joy”. The new positioning statement “Yeh hai rishton ka time” underline’s the Company’s endeavour of building a stronger brand connect while evoking happy memories for its consumers.

JFL’s journey with Domino’s Pizza has evolved from “Hungry Kya”- which popularized the concept of pizzas and home delivery and then moved to the tactical “30 mins or free” delivery promise. Following which the Company, launched its “Khushiyon ki Home delivery, which marked the transition from a functional fulfillment brand to an emotionally connected one.

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