Evolution / Customization of the Dominos Pizzas in India

Quick Restaurant Chains in IndiaLeveraging the strong brand identity of the Domino’s Global brand Identity, Jubilant Foodworks the Master Franchisee has been successful in innovating its menu offerings and launching new products more customized to Indian tastes example, new launches like Stuffed Garlic bread, Wheat Thin Crust pizza, Pizza mania, Peppy Paneer pizza, Taco Indiana, Cheesy Boloroni Pizza, etc have received encouraging customer responses.

As the company focuses on the next leg of growth through company focuses on the next leg of growth through it hs introduced 7″ single pizza at price points of about INR44. This move introduces the pizza culture / taste to the youth in tier 2 and 3 cities where street food by far exceeds fast food outlets in terms of eating out frequency.

Food innovations by Domino’s India in the last 3 years
2010 – Wheat thin crust pizza and Double/cheesy burst pizza. Side orders – Pasta italiano, Mexican wrap and Choco-lava cakes
2011 – 3 cheese pizza and Re-launch of pizza mania. Side Orders – Chicken kickers, Butterscotch mousse cake and Choco lava cake.
2012 – 5 peppers, zesty chicken & chicken fiesta and Cheesy Boloroni pizza. Side Orders – New stuffed garlic bread, Potato smackers and Spicy twistyz & Taco Indiana

Jubilant Foodworks still has plenty of options to expand its current offerings and continue its innovation momentum.

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